Recipe: Perfect Mom’s Fish Sisig


Mom’s Fish Sisig.

Mom’s Fish Sisig You can cook Mom’s Fish Sisig using 9 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Mom’s Fish Sisig

  1. You need of Leftover fried fish.
  2. Prepare of Ginger; minced.
  3. It’s of Bell pepper; minced.
  4. You need of Garlic; minced.
  5. You need of Onion; minced.
  6. You need of Soy sauce.
  7. You need of Vinegar.
  8. You need of Sugar.
  9. You need of Lemon.

Mom’s Fish Sisig step by step

  1. Prep your ingredients. I hope this picture can show you the portions I used…
  2. Sauté the garlic and ginger for 3 mins..
  3. Add in the bell pepper and onion; sauté for 1 minute. A pinch of salt helps the process. You can also substitute jalapeño for bell pepper if you like it spicy!.
  4. Add your fish. While sautéing, add 2 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp vinegar, and a pinch of sugar. (My mom’s recipe uses Maggi Seasoning sauce and vinegar; it’s more tasty!) I also added a bunch of freshly cracked pepper..
  5. Squeeze some lemon over the top, and if you have cilantro that’s even better! Serve with steamed jasmine rice and a fried egg. Enjoy!.

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