How to Make Appetizing Carne Asada Fries


Carne Asada Fries. In an ovenproof skillet, place the baked french fries, Pepper Jack cheese, and diced carne asada, then broil until the cheese. Carne asada fries are a local San Diego specialty. But you can easily make them at home with oven baked fries, grilled carne asada and fresh ingredients.

Carne Asada Fries Carne asada fries actually originate in California despite the Mexican twist. These carne asada fries make a delicious appetizer. The fries are loaded with carne asada steak, cheese, guacamole and sour cream. You can cook Carne Asada Fries using 3 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Carne Asada Fries

  1. It’s 8 of Potatoes, sliced thin (into fries).
  2. Prepare 1 lb of Shredded Cheese (I use Monterrey Jack).
  3. You need 1 lb of Steak, cooked and diced.

The steak is marinated in ingredients such as lime juice, olive oil. Carne asada fries don't travel well, practically and ideologically speaking. They're increasingly hard to locate as you drive north from San Diego County, and surprisingly rare in Los Angeles, a city teeming. This carne asada fries recipe is such a great party food (or one pan dinner), you'll never even know they're healthy!

Carne Asada Fries step by step

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Fry up them taters.
  3. Season em good (I use Lawrys season salt, onion powder, garlic powder, and black pepper).
  4. Cook that steak & then dice it.
  5. Pregrease your baking dish & Layer up! Toss fries, cheese, and steak in dish (I use my cast iron skillet). and repeat layers. DONT BE SHY WITH THE CHEESE!.
  6. Bake for about 10 mins or until cheese is melted.
  7. Add your own toppings such as sour cream, guac, pico, etc. AND ENJOY!.

The carne asada fries are loaded steak fries taken to the next level, and are an easy. Carne means meat and Asada means roast, or broiled, or grilled–or in my case, air fried. There are many ways to make carne asada and they all vary by region. Delicious carne asada atop a heaping bed of golden french fries and slathered in melted cheese, sour cream and guacamole makes these Carne Asada Fries an addicting treat. With the epic Big Game coming up, I only thought it right I share an appetizer/meal with epic big flavors.

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